Top 7 Reasons Why VPS Should Be Your 2024 Hosting Standard


Imagine a world where your online presence is never hampered by sluggish performance, unexpected downtime, or skyrocketing costs. Welcome to our world, the virtual server world.

Whether you are a developer, a business or an individual, the virtual private server is the most suitable contender as your hosting solution. As a matter of fact, the VPS market size is forecast to grow by 12.4% yearly until 2032 due to continuous adoption of the favorite service by business organizations. (Source)

Let’s explore the reasons why a VPS prevails in the hosting industry and detail the reason as to why we are committed to keeping it as our unique specialty.

Best Performance/Price Ratio

VPS delivers the greatest performance price ratio of all the hosting technologies in the market, period.
The primary reasons are:

  • Low Latency: Local attached storage minimizes latency, unlike network-based storage solutions which introduce delays while SSDs NVMe delivers outstanding storage performance.
  • Efficient Virtualization: VPS utilizes a straightforward virtualization layer, avoiding the performance overheads of more complex systems.
  • Cost-Effective: VPS is far more affordable than bare metal servers or pay be the hour business models, offering significant savings.
  • KVM Virtualization: At, we use KVM virtualization which comes with a minimal overhead and delivers near-native performance with a mitigated risk of cross-VM attack vectors.

Great Usage Flexibility

From instant delivery with your customized or premade OS without the worry of hardware upgrades or hardware migrations, VPS offers fantastic flexibility.
A common use case we observe is from users who are tuning their own systems images and packaging it in their ISO which save them tremendous deployment time for horizontal scaling.

VPS comes with an unrestricted root access, a full kernel control and a straightforward management panel. VPS are the prime choice for any organizations, developers or individuals seeking for a versatile solution to host their solutions or projects.

Effortless Scaling

Scaling with is straightforward and quick.

  • Horizontal Scaling: Log in, deploy a new instance, and apply your scaling operations.
  • Vertical Scaling: Select your new resource plan from our pricing page, upgrade via your service manager, and your application will have access to the new resources in seconds.

In contrast, scaling with public cloud providers can be complex and costly, requiring a deep understanding of their pricing models and interfaces.

Keeping it as simple as possible is our main drive. Making the interface as familiar as possible to ensure that VPS remains at the background of the operation while enabling you to do great things.

Your Own Security Policies

At, we handle network-level security and hardware kernel patches for you, ensuring our systems are secure without downtime. From the VPS perspective, you may tune them exactly as you or your organization wish.

Transparent and Cost-Efficient Pricing

Predict your costs with no hidden conditions. Our transparent pricing will be appreciated by your financial department, potentially even earning you a raise!

Regarding the offering, it is as simple as it gets. Whether you are looking to host a website, run an application, host a MySQL database, run an email server, or even a game server the VPS is the go-to solution for any of these purposes. You don’t need to navigate a cluttered offering to simply deploy your project. VPS also pack CPU / Storage / Network and RAM within a single instance unlike some providers where each resource costs extra.

Reliable Uptime

Compared to a dedicated server provider, the uptime guarantee level and service level agreement difference are negligible or even favorable to due to our Tier 3 & 4 Certifications. The latter are given upon certain peculiar hardware / network and even datacenter layout ensuring maximum electrical, network and cooling redundancy, self healing capacity, and fire proof installations.
The uptime guarantee of a TIER 4 certified VPS would be 99.995% which lead to a statistical downtime of roughly a day over your entire career. (night excluded with 16 hours over 40 years).

Human-Centric Support

Not all support are made equal nor of humans in the AI era. At, as we are VPS specialist, we pride ourselves on providing real & exceptional & competent support to our customers. (*cough check our Clients Reviews cough*) On a general thumb, a VPS provider will provide human sized type of support which is often preferable when it comes to technical services.

Key Takeaways

Features VPS Hosting Public Cloud Baremetal Shared Hosting
Performance Best Price/Performance Ratio High Cost/Performance Ratio High Performance Limited Performance
Ease of Use Flexible and User-Friendly Complex to Manage Easy Setup, Complex Management Easiest Solution
Scaling Easy Vertical and Horizontal Scaling Requires Advanced Management Requires Physical Upgrades Limited Scalability
Security Managed by Provider Requires User Management Requires User Management Basic Security
Support Provider Dependent Mostly Absent Provider Dependent Provider Dependent
Pricing Transparent and Predictable Variable and Complex High Costs Low Cost, Limited Flexibility

The market dynamics of most hosting providers are to complexify their offering they grow. It is a respectable strategy to catch up with the competition but also it adds layer of confusion to the end users.

At, we have been historically providing VPS for nearly 15 years and we stayed true to our commitment in order to maximize the experience. We believe in offering throughout the world with our know-how and we are now proudly hosting customers throughout 15 different facilities. * We won’t be stopping there


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