What OSs do you support on your VPSs?

We support the following operating systems:

For OpenVZ VPSs: For Xen VPSs:

CentOS 6.2 blank (32-bit)
CentOS 6.2 blank (64-bit)
CentOS 6.5 Webuzo - LAMP (64-bit)

Debian Squeeze (6) blank (32-bit)
Debian Squeeze (6) blank (64-bit)
Debian 7.0 blank (32-bit)
Debian 7.0 blank (64-bit)

Ubuntu 12.04 blank (64-bit)
Ubuntu 14.04 blank (64-bit)

CentOS 7.0 blank (64-bit)
CentOS 6.3 blank (32-bit)
CentOS 6.3 Gnome3 (32-bit)
СentOS 6.5 blank (64-bit)
СentOS 6.5 Webuzo -LAMP (64-bit)
СentOS 6.5 cPanel (64-bit)

Debian 7.4 blank (32-bit) 
Debian 7.4 blank (64-bit) 
Debian 7.4 XFCE4 (64-bit) 

Fedora 21 blank (64-bit)

Ubuntu 12.04 blank (64-bit)
Ubuntu 14.04 blank (32-bit)
Ubuntu 14.04 blank (64-bit)

Scientific Linux 6.4 blank (64-bit)

Slackware 14.1 blank (64-bit)

Note: LAMP stands for Linux and Apache+MySQL+PHP. Those services are already preinstalled in LAMP editions of OSs.
You can install any OS listed here from SolusVM control panel. Login details to SolusVM can be found in VPS Welcome Email which is sent after your order of VPS is activated.

IMPORTANT! OS reinstallation involves total and irrevocable removal of all the data stored on the VPS. Therefore we would recommend you to create a backup copy and to save it on your personal computer or another server before starting to reinstall the operating system.

Do you need a cheap VPS with unmetered bandwidth? You can order an OpenVZ or XEN VPS server with us at a reasonable price. We offer VPS in the USA and Netherlands.

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