How can I upgrade/downgrade my VPS?

Upgrade or downgrade can be ordered at Client Area > My Products and Services > Details next to the due date of the service > Upgrade/Downgrade button. Upgrade/downgrade orders are not processed automatically so you will be contacted by our representatives via email after the order is paid for.

IMPORTANT: As we provide VPS packages of two different virtualization types please note the following information:

  1. If you do not change the virtualization type (i.e, if you upgrade from OpenVZ VPS to OpenVZ VPS or from Xen VPS to Xen VPS), the upgrade will not involve shutting down the VPS and data transfer. If you use XEN virtualization we will only need to reboot your VPS for the changes to take effect. All upgrade requests are being reviewed by our technical representatives, so it may take us up to 4 hours to process your request.
  2. If you need to change the virtualization type we will set up a new server and you will need to transfer all the necessary data to it. You can either transfer the content from your old VPS to the new VPS (within 48 hours) or create a backup copy of your VPS, save it on your home computer or somewhere else, upload the backup copy to your new VPS and restore it. 

If you have a fully managed VPS or if there is cPanel/DirectAdmin control panel installed on your VPS, our Technical Team will transfer the content upon your request.

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