Changes in SSL certificates security algorithms from SHA-1 to SHA-2

If you have an active SSL certificate, you can check its encryption algorithm here . You can change encryption algorithm of existing SSL certificate from SHA-1 to SHA-2 only with certificate’s reissue. In order to reissue a certificate and activate SHA-2 algorithm, please, follow to Client Area > My Products & Services > Product details (green arrow) > View certificate details > Reissue certificate.

We would like to draw your attention that correct work of SSL certificate with SHA-2 encryption algorithm requires intermediate certificates that were created for work with SHA-2 algorithm as well. It means that when you get reissued a certificate, an intermediate certificate will be SHA-2 as well. For correct work of the new encryption algorithm SHA-2 you will need to install new SSL certificate and intermediate certificate.

New SSL certificates are issued with SHA-2 encryption algorithm since November, 6. In order to purchase a certificate with SHA-1 encryption, please, contact us via chat or ticket system.

What for is used new encryption algorithm SHA-2?

Encryption algorithm is the essential part of SSL security and it is one of the key items, that creates security for different browsers, applications and software. At the moment SHA-1 algorithm is one of the most popular and widely used encryption algorithm. This algorithm replaced encryption algorithm MD5 completely as far back as in 2004, when MD5 encryption algorithm considered to be absolutely insecure. Though SHA-1 is secure encryption algorithm, nevertheless it is replaced by a more secure one – SHA-2.

The encryption algorithm SHA-1 is still considered safe to use, but the internet community and some large web-companies, like Microsoft and Google already believe that world should move to a higher level of security using SHA-2 encryption algorithm for SSL certificates in order to prevent burglary and theft of information.

Microsoft Corporation has said about the need to consider moving to the algorithm SHA-2 in November of 2013. Moving process was not very active before September, 2014, when Google Inc. informed the public, that they launch using SSL certificates with SHA-2 for its products, starting with the version Google Chrome 39.

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