My VPS is deleted. What can I do?

In case your VPS was terminated due to non-payment or after your request, it is not possible to restore. But we might have its backup. For technical reasons, we store weekly copies and can provide them upon your request. We do not guarantee integrity or availability of a necessary copy. That is why we recommend making backup in advance. We have CDP backup service for this purpose.

To restore your VPS backup, you need to

  1. Contact our support team via We will look for an available copy. Please include your Client area Support Pin for security reasons in this email.
  2. If we have a copy, you can make an order for a server of similar configuration as that you had before (including OS and a control panel if there was any).
  3. Contact us on payment, so that we can go on to restore your VPS.

Please mind that in case your previous IP address is already assigned to another sever, it can't be redeemed, so you will have to change your software configuration according to a new IP after the restore.

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