How to use your public nameservers?

In order to start using our public nameservers, you need to take three following steps:

  1. 1. Point your domain to our nameservers, namely and It can be done in the Client Area of your domain registrar. If the domain is registered with, please go to Client Area > My Domains, click on the green arrow next to your domain, type in and in the "Nameservers" field.
  2. The propagation of these changes can take up to 72 hours.
  3. 2. Add your domain to our DNS servers. For this go to SolusVM control panel > "VPS Control Panel" > "DNS", enter your domain name into the "Add new domain" text box at the bottom of the page and click "Add". You will be redirected to the newly created DNS zone of your domain.
  4. 3. Add necessary DNS records into the DNS zone of your domain.

IMPORTANT! In order to point a domain to the website, you need to specify the IP address of the VPS where your website is located (as an "A" record for your domain). If you add DNS record for main domain, please, leave the Domain text box empty. If you add DNS record for subdomains, please, specify only the subdomain part, without main domain name and TLD (e.g. mail, instead of The NS records and SOA records will be added automatically so there is no need to edit them. Also, it may take up to 30 minutes before the changes take effect.

Name Record type Value TTL Priority
* A XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 3600 0 A XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 3600 0 MX 3600 10

Also we would like to point your attention to the fact that it is not possible to edit existent DNS records. In order to edit them, you should delete the record which needs to be changed and add a new one.

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