DNS-zone management on *openprovider* dns servers

This manual is applicable to domain names registered in the following domain zones: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .eu, .me, .mobi. If your domain is registered in another zone, please refer to this article.

To make the DNS Management work you need to:

  1. contact customer support in any possible way to activate the DNS management function.
  2. make sure that the nameservers are set up the following way:

You can find this form here: Client Area > My domains> the domain needed (press the green arrow on the right)

After you have checked the nameservers you can go ahead adding the records for the domain.

You need to follow Management Tools > DNS Management at the bottom of the page.

With DNS Management you can set next records:

  • A (Address)
  • AAAA (Address)
  • MX (Mail)
  • CNAME (Alias)
  • SRV
  • TXT

Note: To set any resource record for the main domain, i.e., leave the field Host Name empty. To set any resource record for the subdomain, i.e., in the field Host Name you need to enter www only (only the subdomain without the main domain).

A record (IPv4 address)

This record is used to point the domain to the server where it hosts.

To set this record leave Host Name empty for the main domain or any subdomain (i.e. www) and choose Record Type - A (Address) in the dropdown.


AAAA record (IPv6 address)

This type of record should be used if you want to point your domain or subdomain to the IP address of version 6. The addition of AAAA record is performed the same way as for A record, the only thing is that you should choose AAAA (Address) as Record Type in the dropdown.

CNAME record

This record allows to set the domain name as the alternative name (pseudonym) for another one, canonical name. CNAME record points your domain or subdomain to the IP address of the domain entered in the Address field.

Thus if the IP address of the domain entered in the field Address changes, you won't need to refresh the DNS records as CNAME has the same IP.

Note: We do not recommend to set the CNAME for the main domain as it can influence the functioning of MX records of your domain and, therefore, the functioning of the email. In this case the right solution is to create CNAME for the subdomain, i.e. www, and to set URL Redirect for the main domain, that will point it to the domain, the IP address of which is needed to be used.

MX record

MX record is used to point on the hostname of the mail server, i.e.

For example, you set for the domain (@) MX record with the Address As the result all mail sent to will be delivered to the server with the address Also you can set the Priority for every MX record. The highest priority is 0. But usually for the most priority record 10 is used. and for less priority - 20, 30 etc.

MXE record

MXE (Mail Easy) is used to point on the IP address of the mail server. This resource record supports the application of the priority as MX record does.

SPF record (TXT)

SPF is one way to use TXT record which is used to keep text information. As the value of the record you can input any text for the description. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is used to prevent the receiving faulse emails (spam, etc.). In this record you can point the list of servers that have the right to send the emails from the domain name which is mentioned in the field Host Name. Whether you have such record it decreases the possibility of your mails to get to the spam folder.

URL Redirect

The use of this entry allows you to configure the redirect to the specified page, and in the URL there will be displayed the address of the page where it is redirected instead of its original domain.

In this case when you enter in browser you will be redirected to

URL Frame

This resource record is used when you need to redirect the domain name the same way as with URL Redirect but with saving the original domain in the address bar.

For example, if you have URL Frame for with the Address then the page will be opened but the site will be named in the address bar.

Any questions about DNS Management you can ask our customer support managers via chat or ticket system. Also, we can assist with choosing a cheap USA VPS or European VPS and any questions related to its setup.

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