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Like any other system, Internet has its hierarchy. Domains operations have long been coordinated by Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN). You can find out more about this organization on thier web site.

When registering a domain, we accept the offered terms of usage which are given by ICANN and domain zone Registry.

To name one, ICANN has regulations concerning the proper format of the contact information.

  • First and Last name should be of minimum 2 letters;
  • Email address should be in lower case letters;
  • Phone number should contain a country code and the valid number.

Recently, starting January 2014, among the regulations is WHOIS information validation. Generic TLDs (gTLDs) domains are affected in the following case:

  • a domain is a newly registered one;
  • contact information for the domain is changed;

How will this be like?

A registrant receives an email from or (for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .eu, .me, .mobi domain zones) with the following subject: "IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required". There will be a link in the email you need to click on. This way a verification is completed.

A link will be active for 15 days in case of a newly registered domain. If not verified, the domain will be suspended with the consequent DNS servers change. Instead of the web site a registrant will see a landing page. We send reminders 10 and 5 days before the domain suspension and soon before it.

If the domain contact information has been changed (any combination of first, last name and email), a registrant has 7 days to verify this information. If not verified, domain won't be suspended, but the changes won't take effect neither.

NB: If there is "ID Protection" service active for a domain, this domain won't be a subject to verification, but as soon as this service is deactivated, a registrant will have to complete the verification.

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