What is Full VPS Management?

VPS administration requires enhanced technical skills and can be quite time consuming. If you don't have time for all that server tuning, you can take our Full management service. It costs $40/month and can be ordered with WHM/cPanel or DirectAdmin control panels (control panel license fee is not included). Superuser rights and permissions belong to our technical team only.

VPS Full Management includes the following services:

  • server initial setup;
  • software regular update (once a week);
  • emergency software and core update in case of critical vulnerability detection;
  • additional software installation (per customer's request). Software configuration is not included;
  • assistance in system services tuning;
  • 24/7 monitoring of VPS and the services which are run on it. Say, some issue with the server arises - we are here to come to grips with it. This may be a server or its services inaccessibility caused by overload or a situation alike. All but those connected with the website content;
  • server tuning and its performance diagnostics per customer's request (no more than once a month);
  • accounts transfer between customer's servers (no more than once a month);
  • private DNS setup;
  • analyzing server high load and lve limits over-usage (if there are such);
  • regular backup creation and its restore/upload if needed;
  • expedited responses in Ticket System (response time does not exceed 30 minutes).

Full Management service doesn't include operations available within control panel tools, including but not limited to

  • FTP creation/deletion;
  • databases and DB users creation/deletion;
  • new accounts and domains creation/deletion;
  • website transfer between accounts;
  • logs analyzation and diagnostics of the website code (based on the server logs);
  • recommendations on website optimization;
  • server variables tuning and .htaccess directives editing/creation.

Full management service presupposes that we perform the necessary operations on the server without prior notifications.

We do whatever it takes us to make your server work smoothly. Unfortunately, there might occur situations that are above us, like

  • DoS/DDoS on the website/server (still we will do our best to minimize the harm);
  • network issues at backbone provider side;
  • global issues within the data center (fire, flood, etc.).

Note 1: Full VPS management is provided for adult content VPS hosting servers as well. 
Note 2: If you are an affiliate and a client, who is referred from you, orders Full VPS Management option, you will get a commission according to VPS referral program.
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