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Article How many domain names can I host with you?
You can host an unlimited number of domains on each VPS package.
Views: 757
Article What domain extensions can you host?
We can host any domain extension (TLD). Also we can host IDN domains however they should be...
Views: 818
Article Can I transfer my domain to you?
Yes, it is possible to transfer domains to us. The transfer can be ordered at the Order...
Views: 767
Article How can I transfer my domain from you?
If you wish to transfer a free domain name registered by to any other registrar you...
Views: 662
Article Can I get a free domain?
Yes, you can. We will register (or transfer) and renew domain name for you for free as long...
Views: 704
Article Who is the owner of domain name registered for free?
The domain names are registered on your name. Say you order a VPS for a year and get a free...
Views: 1434
Article What will happen to the free domain if I cancel the service within initial 30 days?
If you cancel within the first 30 days and have registered free domain name with us during...
Views: 688
Article Do you provide your NS for domains hosted with you?
Yes, we do provide such nameservers. They are ( and
Views: 1011
Article Can I setup host records for a domain registered with you?
If you order DNS management, you can manage the domain in your 'Client area' - 'My...
Views: 970
Article What is DNS propagation?
DNS propagation is the process of updating DNS zones all over the Internet. During the...
Views: 1035
Article DNS-zone management on *registrar-servers* dns servers
This article is applicable to any domain name registered with us except of .com, .net, .org,...
Views: 1397
Article How to use your public nameservers?
In order to start using our public nameservers, you need to take three following steps: 1....
Views: 4032
Article ICANN contact information verification
Like any other system, Internet has its hierarchy. Domains operations have long been...
Views: 419
Article Domain Name Life Cycle
When a person or a company registers a domain, they can administer it for a definite period...
Views: 528
Article DNS-zone management on *openprovider* dns servers
This manual is applicable to domain names registered in the following domain zones: .com, .net,...
Views: 599


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