Domain Name Life Cycle

When a person or a company registers a domain, they can administer it for a definite period paid for. If not renewed in time, a domain will be deleted in a while.

Below is a domain common life cycle, which can differ depending on a zone.

Domain is Available (not registered yet)

Domain is Registered. Can be administered for the period paid for.
Duration: 1 - 10 years.

After the expiration date, domain enters AutoRenew Grace Period.
The web-site and email don't work then. Automatic renewal is possible for a regular price.
Duration: 0-45 days.

In Redemption Period domain is deleted from the zone. It may be auctioned by some registrars. Domain can be redeemed if a redemption fee is paid. Domain restoration is much more expensive in this case.
Duration: 30 days

Domain is queued for deletion, obtaining the 'Pending Delete' status in WHOIS*. The process is irreversible.
Duration: 5 days

Once deleted, domain is again Available for registration.

P.S. Each domain zone has its domain rules and regulations. Post-expiration actions of some zones may differ.
It's better to renew a domain earlier. A year paid for is added to the actual expiration date, so the remaining time isn't lost.

*WHOIS protocol (pronounced "who is"; not an acronym) An Internet protocol that is used to query databases to obtain information about the registration of a domain name (or IP address). Such data is commonly referred to as "WHOIS data," and includes elements such as the domain registration creation and expiration dates, nameservers, and contact information for the registrant and designated administrative and technical contacts.
You can check WHOIS status for domain here.

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