How much CPU resources can be used on each VPS package?

Our technical team constantly monitors the load of the physical carriers and manages it in such a way that the virtual machines not only get guaranteed CPU quotas but may also have additional resources during overload periods. The allocation of additional resources is not guaranteed and might be stopped altogether for those virtual machines which abuse it. CPU is distributed in the following way on our virtual servers with OpenVZ virtualization:

VZ-1GB - up to 1 CPU
VZ-2GB - up to 2 CPU
VZ-4GB - up to 3 CPU
VZ-8GB - up to 4 CPU
Frequency of one CPU core is 2.26 GHz.

To ensure fair distribution of resources for those users who regularly use the maximum amount of CPU, the limits are automatically set on the use of CPU at:

VZ-1GB - 25%, VZ-2GB - 40%, VZ-4GB - 75%, VZ-8GB - 100%

This means that, for instance, VZ-2GB can use no more than 40% of the resources of one virtual core in the system, etc.
CPU resources are distributed in the following way on VPSs with XEN virtualization:

X-1GB, X-2GB - up to 1 CPU
X-4GB, X-8GB - up to 2 CPU
Frequency of one CPU core is 2.26 GHz.

There are following limits on CPU usage:

X-1GB - 25%, X-2GB - 40%, X-4GB - 75%, X-8GB - 100% of one virtual core in the system.

In both cases we use the weighting system for resource sharing. Thus X-8GB (VZ-8GB) has twice more weight than the X-4GB (VZ-4GB), which in its turn has twice more weight than the X-2GB (VZ-2GB). CPU time is allocated in the same manner.

The use of powerful servers as carriers for virtual machines allow us to provide a sufficiently large number of resources to each virtual machine so that even the users of small VPS packages can get the efficiency which is comparable to the efficiency of a dedicated server.

Looking for a cheap unmetered VPS? We offer VPS in the USA and Netherlands with different types of virtualization: OpenVZ and XEN VPS hosting.

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