What is a control panel for?

A control panel is not a must. It's just easy and comfortable if you are going to host a website on a VPS and you are new to all this.  

With a control panel you can use a VPS even if you are not an experienced server administrator, because it helps manage a server via web interface. Manuals and tips are there in the Internet from a panel developers and all the basic software is already installed with a panel - web-server, PHP, MySQL. A control panel has a user friendly web interface and makes server management easy. With a control panel, you can:

  • add domains and subdomains;
  • upload/delete websites content;
  • make backup copies;
  • use webinterface for mail access;
  • create email addresses and FTP-users;
  • setup SPAM filters;
  • create mailing lists;
  • create databases and their users;
  • view metrics and logs;
  • create your own error pages;
  • edit DNS zones for domains
  • etc.

We provide cheap cPanel for servers, which is one of the most popular control panels, as well as some other panels. Have a look at the control panels we offer.

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