How to set up and activate the CDP Backup Agent at Debian/Ubuntu

In order to activate and configure the backup of your VPS, you should:

I. Install the Backup Agent on your VPS.
1) To set up the APT repository you need to modify /etc/apt/sources.list and download the R1Soft apt gpg key:

echo deb stable main >> /etc/apt/sources.list


apt-key add r1soft.asc

2) Upload and update:

apt-get update && apt-get install linux-image-amd64 && apt-get install linux-headers-amd64

Press Y + Enter to run the command.

3)  Install the Agent:

apt-get install serverbackup-enterprise-agent

Press Y + Enter to run the command.

4)  Set up R1Soft module:

r1soft-setup --get-module

5)  Restart the agent:

/etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart

II. Add the verification external backup storage key on your VPS. The backup storage’s hostname is contained in the email “Your CDP Backups service is ready!”:

Run the command:

serverbackup-setup --get-key https://server%name

Server%name can be found in the email “Your CDP Backups service is ready!”

For example: serverbackup-setup --get-key

III. Activate the backup of your VPS in the CDP Backups service settings in your Client Area.
Important: You can order the CDP backup option for VDS hosting additionally on the order form
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