How to set up backup in R1Soft?

CDP backup helps you keep your data safe and sound. What do developers of this product tell about this? CDP technology starts by taking a full snapshot of your data. After the initial replica is created, Server Backup Manager continuously monitors changes to your data and saves only those bits of information that have changed. Since you're not constantly running full, performance-killing backups, your system saves the resources. Via R1Soft interface you can get both the full backup, and some specific file or folder.

So, how to get backup working? When you receive login details, first intall backup agent and add starage key on your VPS and activate backup service in your client area. This is described in our Knowldgebase according to the operating system installed on your VPS:

Then log in to R1Soft panel using the details we sent you with your order activation. Now you can see the interface

1.Servers > Add Server to add a VPS for which you would like to bakup. In a new window you will fill in the following data and press Add:

Server Name  - enter your VPS hostname (it will be something like vaХХ******* You can find your VPS hostname from the initial 'Your VPS is ready' email.
Host Name / IP - enter VPS IP
Port - leave the default one (1167)

2. Now yo should add a Disk Safe where the backup will be sent to. Its volume is restricted to the size of your Backup service purchased with us. In Disk Safes choose Create New Disk Safe and fill in the following data:
Name – some random name. You can create several safes (mind the overall available volume);
Server – choose a server in a dropdown menu;
Volume – leave without changes (there should be your R1Soft username).

In this windows there are also additional tabs:
Devices - no need to setup;
Data Settings - you can change backup copies compression and encryption type; 
Limits - other parameters.

3. Let's set Policy for your backup.
Create New Policy 

Policy Settings tab:
Enabled – if you need the backup start as scheduled according to your following settings. 
Name и Description - fill them as you wish.
Server и Disk Safe – choose a VPS and one disk safe.
Replication Schedule и Merge Schedule – determine the recurrence of merging.

Data Retention tab:
Determine the points maximum number before they are merged and define the Archiving Schedule.

File Excludes tab:
This tab allows you to select the files you want to include or exclude from the Replication.

4. To restore a backup copy, go to Recovery Points and in the drop-down menu choose the right disk safe. After that you will see the list of available copies. Tick the corresponding copy and press Bare Metal Restore (Blue Shield icon). Here you can also merge a recovery point with the file system full backup.

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