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We are a group of IT professionals with extensive experience in the hosting industry. After many years of experience providing VPS hosting in Europe, we are excited to provide our high quality hosting services to clients in the United States.

VPS.us provides only virtual private server hosting, and that is not by accident. We decided from the beginning that we would rather do one thing really well than provide many average services. By focusing on just the virtual server market, we have optimized our network infrastructure for maximum performance of our VPS servers

We know that a great VPS hosting company is not defined by its technology; it's defined by its people. Our technical staff is experienced with all aspects of virtual hosting from initial setup, software installation and upgrades and network troubleshooting. Our customers have 24/7 access to the experts at VPS.us, and we can provide as much or as little assistance as you need running your systems.

Your business needs an experienced and reliable VPS hosting partner, and that's what you get in VPS.us. By choosing us, you get high performance servers, dedicated and knowledgeable staff, and amazingly low prices.

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