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Article Bash vulnerability (Shellshock/Bashdoor)
Recently it has been found the vulnerability that was given two names at once Shellshock and...
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Article Can I edit httpd.conf file?
You can edit it on your VPS where you have root rights and privileges.
Views: 839
Article Can I setup host records for a domain registered with you?
If you order DNS management, you can manage the domain in your 'Client area' - 'My Domains'. If...
Views: 843
Article Can I use JSP on my site?
Yes you can use JSP on your VPS.
Views: 663
Article Can I use SFTP?
Yes you can use it.
Views: 676
Article Can you help me to transfer my web site to your VPS?
Yes, we will do our best to help you with transferring your web site to us. Please, pay attention...
Views: 497
Article Changes in SSL certificates security algorithms from SHA-1 to SHA-2
If you have an active SSL certificate, you can check its encryption algorithm here . You can...
Views: 464
Article DNS-zone management on *openprovider* dns servers
This manual is applicable to domain names registered in the following domain zones: .com, .net,...
Views: 343
Article DNS-zone management on *registrar-servers* dns servers
This article is applicable to any domain name registered with us except of .com, .net, .org,...
Views: 1056
Article Do you provide your NS for domains hosted with you?
Yes, we do provide such nameservers. They are ( and
Views: 880
Article Do you support third party scripts?
According to our Acceptable Use Policy, you can add and use third party software on Your account...
Views: 701
Article Domain Name Life Cycle
When a person or a company registers a domain, they can administer it for a definite period paid...
Views: 331
Article How can I check the system hardware information and the resources usage?
Here is a list of the most common commands and /proc files by which it is possible to determine...
Views: 1394
Article How can I login to my hosting control panel?
Your login details for SolusVM control panel and for the hosting control panel (if ordered) are...
Views: 788
Article How much CPU resources can be used on each VPS package?
Our technical team constantly monitors the load of the physical carriers and manages it in such a...
Views: 1776
Article How to change your server IP address (-es).
If you are going to change IP address(-es) of your server, this manual will help you. In order...
Views: 1203
Article How to change your server IP address in DirectAdmin.
Step 1. Main server IP address changeTo change the main IP address of your VPS server you need to...
Views: 5997
Article How to change your server IP address in ISPmanager.
Step 1. Main server IP address change To change the main IP address of your VPS server you need...
Views: 1094
Article How to change your server IP address in Webuzo.
In case you need to change your server IP address: Go to Webuzo admin panel  > Settings...
Views: 1968
Article How to change your server IP address in WHM/cPanel.
Step 1. Main server IP address changeTo change the main IP address of your VPS server you need to...
Views: 5186
Article How to connect to the VPS via Remote Desktop Protocol?
On default our company provides access to the VPS only by means of SSH protocol (Secure SHell)...
Views: 3208
Article How to use your public nameservers?
In order to start using our public nameservers, you need to take three following steps: 1. Point...
Views: 3660
Article I don’t have a domain but I want to access my sites by temporary links. How can I do it?
First of all, we recommend that you register domain names and use the temporary links only for...
Views: 605
Article ICANN contact information verification
Like any other system, Internet has its hierarchy. Domains operations have long been coordinated...
Views: 271
Article PHP modes
There exist several operating modes of PHP interpreter programs on VDS webserver, and the matter...
Views: 429
Article SSL certificate activation via SSL panel
A step-by-step tutorial This guide will show you how to easily activate a trusted SSL...
Views: 14
Article SSL certificate reissue
In order to reissue SSL certificate login to your Client Area and select "My services". Open menu...
Views: 307
Article The "hosts" file customization
The hosts file is used to establish correspondence between IP address and a domain locally....
Views: 552
Article Vulnerability SSLv3 POODLE
HOW TO PROTECT YOUR SERVER The easiest and most robust solution to POODLE is to disable SSLv3...
Views: 523
Article Webuzo initial setup
After the hosting panel Webuzo has been set up on the VPS, it is required to complete the...
Views: 852
Article What is DNS propagation?
DNS propagation is the process of updating DNS zones all over the Internet. During the...
Views: 839
Article What is the difference between WHM and cPanel?
cPanel allows managing hosting account, e.g. files, databases, email accounts. WHM is used to...
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