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Article Can I get more resources for my VPS without upgrading to the next package?
Yes, this is possible.  You can buy the below mentioned resources:- 512MB RAM - $5/mo;- 10GB Disk...
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Article Can I order a control panel later?
Yes, you can order a control panel anyime. Please keep in mind  that a control panel is installed...
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Article Can I use my friend's credit card?
Yes, you can use your friend's or a family member's credit card to pay for our services. Please...
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Article Do you have fixed prices on your services?
Yes, our prices are fixed for the existing customers.
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Article Do you have money back guarantee?
According to our Terms of Service, the only services which can be refunded are VPSs. If you...
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Article Do you offer free VPS?
We do not offer free VPS packages.
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Article Do you provide any discounts/promo codes?
Yes we do! Please use Google to find them.There is also a discount for renewal if you choose a...
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Article Do you send any payment notifications?
We send the following payment notifications:1. New order invoice2. Renewal invoice-  5 days prior...
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Article Does a VPS re-install cost anything?
VPS re-install is free.
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Article How can I order additional services?
You can order additional services via your client area.  Go to My services and click on Details...
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Article How can I upgrade/downgrade my VPS?
Upgrade or downgrade can be ordered at Client Area > My Products and Services > the green...
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Article How long does it take for my payment to arrive?
The time of money transfer depends on the payment method you chose.2CheckOut payment takes about...
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Article I want to cancel.
Please send your cancellation request at Also please indicate the cancellation...
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Article I want to upgrade my VPS. Do I have to pay additionally or my payment will be prorated?
If you decide to upgrade your payment will be prorated and recalculated. The fee depends on...
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Article Is a control panel fee incuded in the VPS price?
The price indicated for VPS package doesn't include the cost of additional services as a control...
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Article My invoice is overdue. What should I do?
2 days after the due date, a VPS is suspended. After then you have 8 more days until the server...
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Article What is Credit balance of my account?
If you don't activate payment subscription for your services with us with your credit card or...
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Article What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, American Express) and...
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