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Article Are there any mail limitations?
Sure, business can hardly survive without commersial email. There is though a set of rules which...
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Article Are there any restrictions on your VPS?
Yes, there are. The following actions are prohibited:   Modifying the running kernel by...
Views: 1202
Article Can I get more dedicated IPs for a VPS? How much does it cost?
Yes, you can order up to 15 additional IP addresses however if you need more than 7 IP...
Views: 878
Article Can I host warez sites with your company?
Warez is strictly forbidden by our Acceptable Use Policy. The violation may result in service...
Views: 897
Article Can I resell hosting on your VPSs?
You are free to resell hosting on our VPSs. Please note that it is recommended for resellers to...
Views: 730
Article Do you allow adult content?
Tired of looking for a VPS for your adult website? Looking for a company to start working with...
Views: 2951
Article Do you allow creating torrent tracker?
Asking on forums where to host a torrent? You can host your torrent tracker on our VPS. Our...
Views: 2906
Article Do you allow file sharing websites (like Rapidshare, zshare, etc.)?
Public exchange sites offer their visitors to upload and download content which is available...
Views: 1299
Article Do you allow SHOUTcast?
Yes, we allow running SHOUTcast on our VPSs.
Views: 730
Article Do you have any free trial period?
Unfortunately there is no free trial period however we guarantee 30 days money back upon your...
Views: 882
Article Do you have any phone number to call you?
Yes we do. You can call us at 1-800-988-7986. Also our Live Chat Support and Ticket System are...
Views: 715
Article Do you offer SSL certificates?
Yes, we do. Our SSL certificates offers and pricings can be viewed at Client Area > Order >...
Views: 699
Article Do you provide anonymous nameservers?
No, we do not provide anonymous nameservers.
Views: 731
Article Do you provide any discounts/promo codes?
Yes we do! Please use Google to find them.
Views: 832
Article Do you provide HDD, server and datacenter redundancy for VPSs?
No, we do not support any type of redundancy on our VPSs.
Views: 636
Article How many domain names can I host with you?
You can host an unlimited number of domains on each VPS package.
Views: 624
Article What are the network speed limits of your VPSs?
For our VPSs network speed limits vary from 25 Mbit/s to 50 Mbit/s. For more information...
Views: 615
Article What control panels do you offer?
We provide the following control panels: cPanel - available with CentOS OS.  DirectAdmin -...
Views: 832
Article What domain extensions can you host?
We can host any domain extension (TLD). Also we can host IDN domains however they should be...
Views: 665
Article What happens in case I violate one of your policy statements?
Each case is considered separately and depending on the circumstances, you will either receive...
Views: 692
Article What hardware do you run your VPSs on?
Our VPSs are run on the following hardware: Intel Xeon dual E5606; RAM: 24GB DDR3; HDD: 1TB WD...
Views: 707
Article What is a VPS?
VPS (virtual private server or virtual dedicated server (VDS) - is a part of a physical server...
Views: 712
Article What is a VPS? [Infographics]
Over time, the Internet has become almost second habitat for people. Social networks, business...
Views: 574
Article What is guaranteed RAM, burstable memory, vSWAP and SWAP?
Guaranteed RAM is the RAM size which is exclusively allocated to a VPS and can be used whenever...
Views: 13337
Article What is your data transfer speed?
We have two datacenters to choose from – in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and in the USA...
Views: 839
Article What OSs do you support on your VPSs?
We support the following operating systems: For OpenVZ VPSs: For Xen VPSs:...
Views: 1054
Article What PHP mode do you use on your servers?
You can set the PHP modes at your discretion.
Views: 709
Article What services are included in basic VPS plans? What is Full VPS Management?
The Basic VPS hosting plans include the following services:    Server reboot (per customer’s...
Views: 4030
Article What types of virtualization do you use?
We use XEN and OpenVZ virtualization technologies.Xen is a technology which allows running...
Views: 799
Article Where are your servers located?
Our datacenters are located in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and in the USA (Atlanta, GA).
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