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Article Can I resell hosting on your VPSs?
You are free to resell hosting on our VPSs. Please note that it is recommended for...
Views: 881
Article Can you help me to transfer my web site to your VPS?
Yes, we will do our best to help you with transferring your web site to us....
Views: 604
Article Can you help me with software installation and setup?
You can count on our help with basic troubleshooting. For software setup or installation,...
Views: 27
Article Can you resend a notification or email?
All the emails sent to you for the last 3 months are kept in your Client Area > My...
Views: 27
Article Do you have any free trial period?
Unfortunately there is no free trial period however we guarantee 30 days money back upon...
Views: 998
Article Do you have any phone number to call you?
Yes we do. You can call us at 1-800-988-7986. Also our Live Chat Support and Ticket System...
Views: 809
Article Do you offer SSL certificates?
Yes, we do. Our SSL certificates offers and pricings can be viewed at SSL certificates page.
Views: 794
Article Do you offer VPS of the custom configuration?
We do not have custom packages. You can order a VPS that is presented on our website with...
Views: 35
Article Do you provide HDD, server and datacenter redundancy for VPSs?
No, we do not support any type of redundancy on our VPSs.
Views: 734
Article How can I upgrade/downgrade my VPS?
Upgrade or downgrade can be ordered at Client Area > My Products and Services >...
Views: 783
Article How do I know that the server is ready?
As soon as your VPS is up and ready, you will receive an email with the login details and...
Views: 32
Article How to reject your services?
To reject a service, please contact our support team in chat on our...
Views: 35
Article I have not received my Welcome Email.
First of all, please check your spam / junk folders - the Welcome Email may have been taken...
Views: 768
Article I need root access. Can I use it on your VPS?
Yes, you receive root access to your VPS regardless of the package. There is only...
Views: 31
Article Is a VPS better than shared hosting?
Each type of hosting has its pros and cons, which you can see at our Infographics.
Views: 27
Article My VPS is deleted. What can I do?
In case your VPS was terminated due to non-payment or after your request, it is not...
Views: 23
Article What additional services do you offer along with hosting?
Along with hosting we offer domain registration in most popular gTLD, SSL certificates of...
Views: 33
Article What control panels do you offer?
We provide the following control panels: cPanel - available with CentOS OS....
Views: 949
Article What is a control panel for?
A control panel is not a must. It's just easy and comfortable if you are going to host a...
Views: 38
Article What is a VPS?
VPS (virtual private server or virtual dedicated server (VDS) - is a part of a physical...
Views: 877
Article What is a VPS? [Infographics]
Over time, the Internet has become almost second habitat for people. Social networks,...
Views: 744
Article What is Full VPS Management?
VPS administration requires enhanced technical skills and can be quite time consuming. If...
Views: 130
Article What is guaranteed RAM, burstable memory, vSWAP and SWAP?
Guaranteed RAM is the RAM size which is exclusively allocated to a VPS and can be used...
Views: 14998
Article What OSs do you support on your VPSs?
We support the following operating systems: For...
Views: 1171
Article What services are included in basic VPS plans?
The Basic VPS hosting plans include the following services: Server reboot...
Views: 4902
Article What types of virtualization do you use?
We use XEN and OpenVZ virtualization technologies. Xen is a technology which allows...
Views: 910
Article Where are your servers located?
Our datacenters are located in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and in the USA (Atlanta, GA).
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